Sing To It: Amy Hempel


Amy Hempel’s Sing To It is a vivid and honest collection of short stories that captures the small moments of human existence.

Sing To It, Amy Hempel

Special thanks to Scribner for this free book!

The stories within Sign To It tend to focus on those moments in a person’s life that would otherwise be thought of as insignificant. They linger on occasions wherein people are most human and hone in on their emotions. They tell the tales of the mundanity of day-to-day life.

Content Warning

Please take caution while reading Sing To It if any of the following topics may trigger you:

  • Animal death
  • Death / dying
  • Pregnancy / childbirth

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed Sing To It and found it to be compelling and quite interesting, even without clear points or messages in some stories. When I say short stories, I mean short. By my best guess, at least 75% of the stories were less than five pages. Hempel is remarkably able to pack a punch into such few words.

Hempel’s writing is clear, concise, and thoughtful. The stories evoke a kind of kinship that all people share – that we’re flawed and scared and emotional and surviving through all of that. The collection is beautifully mundane, just like life.

Admittedly, I read this collection way too fast. At only 140 pages, I was able to finish it in one day, but I’m finding that I didn’t absorb the stories as much as I’d have liked to. It’s very easy to rush through because they’re so short, but I highly recommend you savor them and read through the collection slowly.

Sing To It is a great short story collection to start with if you haven’t spent much time with the genre. The stories are digestible, yet perfectly odd. Read this book on your commute, while you’re waiting for your dinner to cook, and in the in-between moments of life – I think you’ll enjoy it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on Sing To It. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the collection in the comments or at my Instagram, @bookmarkedbya!

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