Star-Crossed: Minnie Darke


Minnie Darke’s Star-Crossed is an enchanting story about destiny as defined by the stars – or by a meddling journalist-to-be with a crush on an Aquarius.

Star-Crossed, Minnie Darke

Thank you so much to Crown Publishing for the free advanced copy of this book!

Justine, a Sagittarius, is an aspiring journalist at her Australian city’s local magazine – the Star. She has a one-track mind for her work, but she must admit that she’d enjoy walking into an apartment that wasn’t so dark and empty every night. When she runs into her childhood sweetheart, Nick, after years of no contact, she begins to imagine a life with him.

Nick, an Aquarius, is an aspiring actor with little direction and has recently broken up with his model girlfriend. He’s very excited to see his old friend, but he relies so heavily on the astrological predictions of his hero, the Star horoscope writer, that he waits for a sign from the stars to make his move.

That sign doesn’t come, so Justine must force destiny. One of her jobs at the magazine is to transcribe the horoscopes, and an idea forms. Why not manipulate the Aquarian horoscope a bit to give Nick a nudge to make his move? Surely there couldn’t be any harm in that, can there?

My Thoughts

Star-Crossed has been marketed as a romantic comedy, and while it’s very clever and revolves around a will-they won’t-they romance, I wouldn’t describe it as a romance, but rather contemporary women’s fiction. The romance is but one of many very interesting story lines taking place.

This book is so so smart. Justine’s edits to the horoscope cause a fascinating ripple effect, which we follow through vignette storylines of several secondary characters, and that ultimately all come together beautifully in the end. It’s exceptionally unique and so fun to make connections between each story as they progress. While the storyline is wonderful, what is even more magical is the unique writing style. It’s perfectly mystical for the topic and allows for an air of sophistication that clearly sets it apart from other contemporary fiction stories.

Astrology is the central theme in Star-Crossed, but having a specific interest in astrology is absolutely not required to enjoy the story. I generally couldn’t care less about horoscopes and have no understanding of astrology, and this book was still so so fun! It makes the story whimsical and adds depth to the character connections.

Star-Crossed is fun, thorough, mystical, and sophisticated. I really enjoyed reading about the unpredictable lives of Justine, Nick, and all the other characters that were affected by the tampered-with astrological predictions. You’ll surely love this book if you’re a true believer, but you can still deeply enjoy it even as a skeptic!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on Star-Crossed. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the novel in the comments or at my Instagram, @bookmarkedbya!

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