What Kind of Quiz Book Are You?: Rachel McMahon


Rachel McMahon’s What Kind of Quiz Book Are You? is a delightful and entertaining collection of Buzzfeed-esque quizzes that tell you everything about yourself – from what kind of dinosaur you would be to what major city you should live in.

What Kind of Quiz Book Are You?, Rachel McMahon

Huge thanks to Atria Books for gifting me this book!

This book is exactly what it sounds like – a huge amount of personality quizzes. The topics are fantastically random and the results are exactly 0% scientific, which makes the quizzes all the more hilarious. Take the Which Spongebob Squarepants Character Are You quiz – it will tell you whether you’re more Squidward or Plankton based on your favorite fast food items.

At over 300 pages, What Kind of Quiz Book Are You? has tons of quizzes, all grouped into five different categories – Did You Know?, Guess What?, Find Your Match, This or That?, and Who Am I?.

My Thoughts

Everyone is a bit of a narcissist; that’s why Buzzfeed quizzes are so popular. Why wouldn’t you want to know what kind of Cheeto you are? This book of quizzes allows you to indulge while also keeping screen time to a minimum – win-win!

Buzzfeed quizzes have historically been an individual activity – something done on your computer while procrastinating the work that’s piling up. With What Kind of Quiz Book Are You?, however, these personality quizzes are now completely social! I took most of the quizzes in this book over a drink at happy hour with friends, on the couch with my boyfriend, or poolside with my mom.

The quizzes are a hoot, and a wonderful conversation-starter. Might I suggest just carrying this book around with you everywhere in the event that you want to make a friend? You can bond over the sad – but ultimately very true – fact that, in the Which Jonas Brother Are You? quiz, you are both definitely Kevin (sorry).

Pro tip: do not take these quizzes on an empty stomach! So many of the quizzes are about food – weirdly, so many centered around Pop Tarts? – and they will make you hungry for junk food.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on What Kind of Quiz Book Are You?. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book in the comments or at my Instagram, @bookmarkedbya!

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