Quarterly Roundup: Apr-Jun ’19

We did it, y’all – we’re officially through the first half of the year! I’ve now had my Bookstagram account (@bookmarkedbya) for six whole months, and it has utterly skyrocketed my reading productivity and the quality of the books that I’m reading. Another thing that’s changed during this quarter – I started receiving advanced reader copies of books from publishers, so I’ve spent a lot more time on new releases than in the past. I’m loving it all, the old and the new, and can’t wait to see what Q3 brings!

Q2 ’19 Stats

This quarter by the numbers:

  • 29 books
  • 799 chapters
  • 9,258 pages
  • 2,501,301 words

Q2 ’19 Reads

This comprehensive list covers every book I read between April and June of this year and their broad genres.

5 Star Reads

4 Star Reads

3 Star Reads

Are you planning on picking up any of these titles? Have you read any and agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments, I’d love to discuss with you. You can also find me on Instagram @bookmarkedbya!

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