Quarterly Roundup: July-Sep ’19

The days of sweltering heat are largely behind us, friends! I can see the sweaters and crisp mornings ahead, and I am SO excited. This quarter was a good one for me, filled with lots of new releases and some fantastic back-list titles. My reading slowed down a little, which is okay! I have no data to back this up, but I have a feeling that the cooler months are going to be the most productive for me, reading-wise. I had a great Q3 and I’m so excited to jump into the coziness of Q4!

Q3 ’19 Stats

This quarter by the numbers:

  • 28 books
  • 602 chapters
  • 7,726 pages
  • 1,995,130 words

Q3 ’19 Reads

This comprehensive list covers every book I read between July and September of this year and their broad genres.

5 Star Reads

4 Star Reads

3 Star Reads

2 Star Reads

  • The Chain: Adrian McKinty – thriller / action

Are you planning on picking up any of these titles? Have you read any and agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments, I’d love to discuss with you. You can also find me on Instagram @bookmarkedbya!

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