Quarterly Roundup: Jan-Mar ’20

Ahhh, #tbt to a simpler time… early 2020. When hope was abundant and I could go to Target without wearing a face mask! The first quarter of the new decade was a good one for me, reading-wise. I got into a great groove with audio books and branched out a bit, genre-wise. Take a peek for all the deets on what I read in January, February, and March of 2020!

Q1 ’20 Stats

This quarter by the numbers–

  • 25 books + 9 audio books
  • 571 chapters
  • 6,681 pages
  • 2,003,561 words
  • 226 hours

Q1 ’20 Reads

This comprehensive list covers every book I read between January and March of this year, and their general genres.

* denotes audio book

5 Star Reads

  • In Five Years: Rebecca Serle – contemporary fiction
  • The Roxy Letters: Mary Pauline Lowry – contemporary / humor fiction
  • Station Eleven: Emily St. John Mandel – dystopian fiction
  • Just Mercy: Bryan Washington – nonfiction
  • Such a Fun Age: Kiley Reid – contemporary fiction
  • Know My Name: Chanel Miller – memoir
  • But Like Maybe Don’t?: Ariana Margulis – illustrated humor
  • Chasing the Bright Side: Jess Ekstrom – self-help nonfiction
  • You Can Only Yell At Me For One Thing At A Time: Patricia Marx & Roz Chast – illustrated humor
  • *Becoming: Michelle Obama – memoir
  • *This Will Only Hurt a Little: Busy Phillips – memoir
  • *Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: J.K. Rowling – middle grade fantasy
  • *Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: J.K. Rowling – young adult fantasy
  • *Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: J.K. Rowling – young adult fantasy

4 Star Reads

  • Twice in a Blue Moon: Christina Lauren – romantic comedy
  • American Royals: Katharine McGee – young adult fiction
  • Lakewood: Megan Giddings – contemporary fiction
  • Cleanness: Garth Greenwell – literary fiction
  • The Glass Hotel: Emily St. John Mandel – contemporary fiction
  • Open Book: Jessica Simpson – memoir
  • A Long Petal of the Sea: Isabel Allende – historical fiction
  • The Office: Andy Greene – nonfiction
  • Topics of Conversation: Miranda Popkey – literary fiction
  • The Better Liar: Tanen Jones – domestic suspense
  • Breaking Up with Sugar: Molly Caramel – self-help nonfiction
  • *Talking as Fast as I Can: Lauren Graham – memoir
  • *Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: J.K. Rowling – middle grade fantasy
  • *Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: J.K. Rowling – middle grade fantasy

3 Star Reads

2 Star Reads

  • Female. Likes Cheese. Comes with Dog: Lauren Cribb – memoir
  • Break your Glass Slippers: Amanda Lovelace – poetry
  • *The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo: Amy Schumer – memoir

6 Replies to “Quarterly Roundup: Jan-Mar ’20”

  1. I miss Target so much!! I drive by and it’s hard to not stop and go inside for some browsing.
    BTW love seeing your 5 star books, Station Eleven was SO GOOD! And I still need to read Just Mercy, This Will Only Hurt a Little and Know My Name – they all sound so good!


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