The Roxy Letters: Mary Pauline Lowry


Mary Pauline Lowry’s The Roxy Letters is the hilarious, wonderfully weird story of an Austin, Texas-native 20-something with big plans to become an artist and take down the Lululemon that’s replaced her favorite local video store – if only she can find the motivation.

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The Roxy Letters is written exclusively in letters, from Roxy to her ex-boyfriend. She has high hopes for herself, with little motivation to match. Stuck in a dead-end job with no creative juices flowing and romantic prospects looking bleak, she wants to get her life moving back in the right direction, while also making sure that Austin stays weird.

My Thoughts

Oh my goddess… this book is just what the doctor ordered if you’re in a reading slump. Hilarious, fast-paced, short chapters, and so light-hearted, I loved and devoured this book. Lowry does an amazing job of portraying Roxy as a totally wackadoo (this is a real word) woman who is also totally endearing and relatable. I love Roxy and would absolutely slap her upside the head if I was her friend.

The novel’s format is fantastic – Roxy writes letters that she never plans to send to her ex-boyfriend, who she uses as an imaginary sounding board. She can be completely honest with him, particularly because he’ll never see the letters. She discusses the most important pieces of her life – her lost motivation to make art, her shitty job and shitty boss, her 50/50 happiness and jealousy of her best friend being promoted, her love life (or lack thereof), and – most importantly at this point in her life – her deep-seeded vendetta against the Lululemon that has taken up residency where her favorite local video store once stood.

What I love most about Roxy as a character is that Lowry doesn’t take her (or the story, for that matter) too seriously, but that Roxy is so earnest and committed. In this way, we as the readers can both respect and good-naturedly laugh at Roxy for being so committed and so ridiculous.

I enjoyed this book so so much. If you’re in a reading slump right now (as so many of us are, thanks to the current times), please pick this book up and laugh yourself right out of that slump. The Roxy Letters is so light-hearted, delightful, and silly, and I think you’ll have as good a time reading it as I did!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my thoughts on The Roxy Letters. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or at my Instagram, @bookmarkedbya!

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