Quarterly Roundup: Apr-Jun ’20

I don’t even know how to talk about the second quarter of 2020 without acknowledging the injustice happening in our world. In this three-month period, we saw senseless death at the hands of both Anti-Black police brutality and racism and COVID-19. Reading has been both a tool for education and a vehicle for joy during this quarter. I have committed to further diversifying my bookshelf and to prioritizing books by Black and IPOC authors in my everyday reading life. How about you?

Q2 ’20 Stats

This quarter by the numbers –

  • 24 books
  • 668 chapters
  • 7,726 pages
  • 2,128,689 words
  • 115 hours

Q2 ’20 Reads

This comprehensive list covers every book I read between April and June of this year. I’ve also linked to either my review on the blog, on Goodreads, or the book’s synopsis via its publisher if you want to learn more!

5 Star Reads

4 Star Reads

3 Star Reads

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