Quarterly Roundup: Jul’-Sep’ 20

How is it still 2020, y’all?? This has been the longest year of my life, and my reading isn’t really reflecting that! I’m on track to read less than I did last year – which is fine. I really want to prioritize reading the books that I want to read. I feel like I was on autopilot during Q3, and I’m not 100% thrilled with my reading choices. That said, I read some amazing books and can’t wait to hear what you thought about them, too!

Q3 ’20 Stats

This quarter by the numbers –

  • 22 books
  • 553 chapters
  • 7,308 pages
  • 1,816,347 words
  • 100 hours

Q3 ’20 Reads

This comprehensive list covers every book I read between July and September of this year. I’ve also linked to either my review on Instagram, Goodreads, or the book’s synopsis via its publisher if you want to learn more!

5 Star Reads

4 Star Reads

3 Star Reads

2 Star Reads

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