Frequently Asked Questions

You (maybe?) have questions, and I (sometimes?) have answers! Don’t see one of your questions here? Feel free to contact me or comment below!

What the heck is a bookmarkedbya?

Yes, my blog URL is and my related Instagram account is @bookmarkedbya. Pronounced BOOK – MARKED – BY – A, as in “Abby bookmarked a page” – the “A” being my first initial. I initially wanted to name my blog and Instagram “bookmarkedbyabby,” but the domain was taken. So, Bookmarked by A was born!

When did you start reviewing books?

I started this blog in September of 2018 and created my associated Instagram account in January of 2019. To date, I’ve reviewed over 100 fabulous books!

What are your favorite genres to read?

My favorite genres include:

  • Contemporary fiction
  • Women’s fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Young adult – preferably if it focuses on a social issue or a culture different from my own

What are your least favorite genres to read?

I love all books! But the genres that I read the least include:

  • Historical fiction
  • True crime
  • Science fiction
  • Early history (like before the 20th century) non-fiction

Do you review indie or self-published books?

I do, and I have, reviewed these kinds of books. I’m happy to review indie or self-published books that are of specific interest to me. However, I do not accept author-submitted requests for review – I’ve found that this can create a serious conflict of interest and I don’t like to invite this type of risk into what is, at its core, a joyful hobby of mine. I realize that this can create quite a barrier for self-published authors to have me review their books. Self-published authors – feel free to introduce me to your book, but please know that I won’t accept a review copy or commit to a review time frame.

Any tips for growing my online presence?

I’ve found the greatest chunk of my internet “success” on Instagram. There is a thriving book community there, referred to as “bookstagram.” So, my tips are specifically for that platform.

Engagement, engagement, engagement! This can mean many things – creating relationships with others in the book community, interacting genuinely with others’ posts and stories, etc. Readers are ready and willing to support you, so long as you reciprocate. I’ve also found that posting consistently is a huge factor in my personal growth. I’ve posted twice a day a majority of the days since starting my account. This may not be attainable or of interest to everyone, and that’s okay! At the least, consistent, interesting, and genuine content is extremely helpful.

Got more questions? Drop me a note below and I’ll do my best to give you a great answer!